Many companies sell pneumatic conveyors but not many specialize in moving wood chips, bark and sawdust. Our design team has more than 50 years combined experience in supplying and troubleshooting pneumatics. Mektek will assemble a system that balances low maintenance, energy efficiency and dependable operation.

Advantages of conveying wood products with pneumatics:


  1. Inlet Filter : Protects blower and reduces inlet noise
  2. Intake Silencer : Greatly reduces intake noise
  3. Blower : Roots type lobe compressor supplies conveying air
  4. Pressure Control Panel : Prevents excessive pressure and line plugging
  5. Discharge Silencer : Reduces discharge noise and pipeline vibration
  6. Feeder : Airlock maintains pipeline pressure and injects material into airstream.
  7. Tee-Injector with Scrap Trap : Simple rock and metal removal
  8. Vibration Clamps : Reduce transmitted vibration
  9. Quick Access Cleanout : Allows fast pipeline inspection and cleaning
  10. Pipeline : Conveys material
  11. Elbows : Designed to reduce line pressure and minimize impact wear
  12. Switching Valve : Conveys to multiple discharge points
  13. Cyclones: Separate air from material flow
  14. Deflectors : Direct material for pile building
  15. Target Boxes : Inexpensive device used where air separation is non-critical

Some pointers when designing your line layout:

Pulp Mill using pneumatic conveyors
Call Mektek for a free pneumatic design calculation.