The Mektek Disc Screen is a heavy duty scalping screen for removing large rocks, lumps of frozen biomass, and oversize pieces of wood. The screen consists of a series of rolls with spaces between them set to represent maximum chip thickness. As the material passes over the rolls, any material that is thinner than the opening between the rolls will fall through as acceptable chips. The over thick products will cascade over the rolls for further processing.

Mektek screens are used on waste wood, bark, compost chips, or sawmill residues. Applications include power plants, sawmills, recycling installations, compost and pellet plants. This equipment is often the ideal solution because of its high capacity and small space requirements. Standard screen sizes are 30", 48", 66" wide but can be designed and fabricated to your specific needs. Standard disc material is 3/8" steel with 400 and 500 BHN high wear discs available.

30X7 Discs Screen
Bark discs
Typical oversize material
Sawdust screen
Scalper operation animation
Sawdust Screening Video